Ok -lets try this again

I’ve had bad experience with tagboards and the like so i’ve alteredt the code Joey did for me (the guy who runs WCN) and now have a blog on the page. Still possible for people to leave comments.. but i’ll try to get it more visible.  Just click on the ‘No comments’ in blue to the bottom left fo the post to leave your pearls of wisdom – and if ive set it up right the most recent posts should appear on the right hand column  over there —–> Now i just need to make the font bigger..


14 Responses to Ok -lets try this again

  1. mike says:

    wow..way too small for me to read..

  2. Luke says:

    The only thing I had wrong with today’s was “But that wasn’t actually happened in Civil War.” Thats not the best grammer in the world.

  3. higgins says:

    the anticipation builds mikie!

  4. Wow – that IS bad grammar – i obviously missed a word there – so can anybody read this or is it just teeny on my compyter..

  5. uncommon says:

    I’m soooo hungry… it takes away from the enjoyment of the comic…

  6. uncommon says:

    I just had a muffin and an orange juice.. ohhh the funny returns… good times

  7. lairdofdarkness says:

    Cant seem to comment anymore on the main page, so here is a message of support. I love Year One and I hope you keep it going fora looooooooong time. Keep telling my mates about it and they seem pretty impressed. I love seeing the DC guys in there from time to time as I aint really into Marvel, however I am following civil war, so that helps me understand stuff.
    keep up the good work you are brightening up this little part of Scotland for me!!

  8. lairdofdarkness says:

    LOVE the JLA/Avengers pic today

    If you coloured that in and made it say poster size….what would you sell it for? I know a few folk that would love that as a print to hang on their wall. Even A3 size would work. Just out of nosiness to be honest as I aint that rich.

    Anyway again keep up the great work and it really is all good!


  9. ghay rnnc says:

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  10. Blue Tyson says:

    Hi Mike, sent you an email, did you get it?

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  12. Nurhadi says:

    Hahaha…. So Sweet

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