The Beginning

Howdy guys – i don’t see myself updating this much – i would really like to have a news space on the homepage of Snufflymonkey but this will have to suffice for now.

Still working on the site for the ‘official launch’ on Monday – Its taking a long time to upload the Year One strips, i’m probably about a third of the way there – I really should have uploaded them in order but oh well. I’ll ry and have that complete by Monday.

Apart from that not much to say – working on getting a backlog of Year One – about 2 weeks ahead currently – and Aphid and Moonboy are about a month or so – so things are looking pretty good.

Jess also returned from a trip today so i’ve confrmed a few details with him and can start working on Cape Camp proper.

I’m determined to do this right – i’m gonna work my heart out on this – and hopefully make something really special here.

Until next time i have an update..


4 Responses to The Beginning

  1. black_sabbath1 says:

    why o why must i pay to read cape camp?


  2. black_sabbath1 says:

    sir, may i offer a solution:

    what if you offered to sell more commissions and cancel the subscriptions?

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